Friday, June 12, 2009


Hey y'all,

I've been up to some different things concerning my hair. First off, I've combine!!!! I must say after a few months of apprehension I decided to do it. Though I'm still rather small, I just fattened up the edges to gave more support. I have fine hair and I don't want to:
1. have back, or waist length hair and it break off all the time. Which felt like my fate and
2. I was tired of marathon hair sessions in which I would give up days at a time...
I love small locks but not for me. Not to mention I met my boyfriend's sister an her locks were soooo cute. They were a little bigger then mine but her maintenance seemed effort less. Loves it. I mean, I fully understand locks are a commitment but who said a full on second job, ya know? I like the decision though my family may disagree. But they disagree with the locks to start.
Thanks to all the lock vids that helped me understand the process their is a few ladies, nubianlockedprincess and chescaleigh ( youtubers... I'm Chloe3086, since you all asked. LOL) they both highlighted the process perfect for me. So thank you!!!!

Well I'm also officially at my half year mark...Yes, that fast!!! It fells like yesterday I had my thin little set now I'm budding and beaming at the look!!!! Its getting longer bigger and me more confident in the look. I had faith and loved it from the start, but it defiantly takes a ta-da moment to realize the change and appreciate the time spent! I love my hair and want everyone to experience the joy and freedom of having your own hair!!! Any who Ill upload some pictures soon til' then have a good one!!!!

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  1. Looking forward to the pics and congrats on 6 months!