Saturday, June 13, 2009

Updates 2.0!!!!

Can you believe it! I'm at 6 months...and to think my family told me to take them out and get braid extensions. HA! I think I'm slowly convincing my mom to look into locks...(pray y'all) She's been pressing for a while but its taking a toll on her thickness! (tear) But here you go a little visual look at whats I've been up to these last few!
I've got a lot of growth going on! It's nice to see my hair in pictorial form because I can see the different

A little growth against the paper for contrast!
Don't mind me looking super tired!

Aren't his locks nice!!! My boo's locs are 3 years in the making!

A picture of the inside inside!!

Me and my baby being dumb...Curls!

Rockstar status!

My sexy boo again aren't his locks bomb!

A picture of a sculpture at my parents house. I love it!

Me and my freak em' dress about to go out on the town

The diva is unleashed...More pictures to come in time!


  1. Go' head little mama! You locs are looking fantabulous!! (Yes, that's my word) lol Congrats on the 6 month mark!

  2. Simply beautiful little diva! watch out world shes looking FIERCE...Be blessed baby girl, thanks for the following!

  3. You are your locs are flyyyy, sis. We are 6 months!!

  4. Nice pix! (your brother is a cutie too :-) )

  5. Congrats on your 6 month locked. They are gorgeous.