Monday, July 27, 2009

Just plain distrubing

Hey y'all I know it's bee a minute but I have been working on a number of projects that have me super fill but I know I should prioritize more time for this cause I really am trying to be on Brunsli status! lol NE who I want to start out by giving my belated shout- out to MJ... The greatest that has and will ever be. Especially with the caliber of artist that is acceptable to be famous in this day and age. There just cannot ever be another man who will make and break the boundaries like his did and for that I know I'm grateful! I always felt a special tingle of lover for him because my birthday in the 30th of august and his is the 29th of august.... So a feel due to a similar cosmic swaggers I understand the huge public persona he depicts but realistically he was more reserved a shy being... Such a VIRGO trait! And I want to end my MJ spiel on this note.


Everyone stop watching and consuming MJ entertainment crap. One because all he ever wanted was to be left alone and two because they are taking two black male figures and defiling their legacy. I don't think Dr. Murray is a murderer just a caregiver that mad a mistake. Look at your Dr's record they all do. His is just more high-profile....Anywho I digress


My hair is coming along rather nicely if I do say so my self. and obviously I do! lol But I've made a number of different changes...Three C's to be exact: cut, combine and considering color! Well that's four but whateves! I wanted to give my hair a more even styled look so I decided to take the p,lunge and snip the ends. I'm sooo pleased with the results. Overall its helped give my hair a much need boost. I looks more like a style and I get complimented all the time. It looks like a blunt bob as I cut my ends. BTW I've had zero unraveling even on the ones I combine... So, don't let people lie to you...But my hair is also super nappy, so???

But as for my combining I love it! It's a lot better on my hair doing time and its helped a lot of at risk locks. I read NUBIANLOCKEDPRINCESS say there are some pluses and minuses to small locks... as I am learning. I'm ashamed to say in my Seven Month journey (woop woop) I've lost about 6 locks.... (shudder!!!!). But I ain't too mad at it cause my hair is growing like weeds and I've already restarted the ones that have been lost. I low key want a cool shaved look but I think I'm doing the most.

But, almost, to re-place my scissor happiness I want to color my hair. Something crazy like a few locks in green, blue or pink? But who knows I'll keep y'all posted on my ideas

All in all I just adore my locks and i can hardly wait to show y'all my hair when Its down my back and around my ankles. lol I'll never let it get there but you know what I mean. Speaking of I have two new videos!!! (woop woop) on Youtube check em' out at Chloe3086... In fact Ill put them right here...Below this post!


So my hunny and I decided to hit up the comic convention in San Diego this year... Mind you with no ticket, little money, three hour drive (with comic con traffic) and absolutely nowhere to stay. And the verdict: I WILL BE GOING AGAIN!!! It was super cool to see all the different comics and collectors and fans. My boyfriend is an artist and has some graphic novels in the works (defiantly keep y'all posted on that) so of course we had to make the obligatory trek to SD. We had a great time and he has some cool connections with some other brothas that had stands so they hooked up up with badges we had a ball! I'm a fine art lover but I defiantly got a feel for the popular art genre and what it initials. I even went to Chuck Jones' ( bugs bunny creator) gallery and got the card to the Director of the space! So exciting! Two things I had a gripe about was the lack of the Black female aesthetic... I know ladies are probably a rare niche but the Black female comic niche isn't humongous. But it still exists. Now I'm not saying some people aren't doing their part but there defiantly need to be much more black female comic books and cartoons! Storms holding us down but she can't do all the work. Hence, why me and him are going to collaborate on a story. Would y'all buy it? Would you have your daughters, grand-daughters, nieces, cousins, friends, etc.. buy it? Just asking... Oh and my second gripe was that we didn't bring the kids. He has a ten year old brother and the most beautiful 13 year old sister and I have a ten year old brother too...Sooo they woulda had a great time.. Oh well you live and you learn. Well I live y'all with some imagery of the first Black female cartoonist work, Ms. Jackie Ormes (google her baby). Their great and inspiring for my possibly comic.

(All from Jackie Ormes image results on google)

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