Saturday, August 29, 2009

Artists I'm currently loving! oh and August 30th the greatest day of the year...My birthday!

I wanted to highlight some amazing artist that I've scoped out in the past few months. Its been much too long since I did a blog post on artists I'm feeling and that's just a shame. I love art and love feeling like I can help make a different within he field. As for me, I like to call myself and art historical type,. Though I've painted, sketched, sculpted, designed and a number of other mediums. In my heart of hearts, I know non of those fields I'll ever really excel in other then in the realm of personal satisfaction and fun. But, who cares... For me I know creating and designing jewelry is a passion I love and with the capacity I consume it I might as well create it! Lol Newho I truly digress!!!

Rachel D. Crouch
She's an amazing Howard educated lady with a keen sense of her aesthetic and a excellent execution. Certainly an artist to watch in the coming years...Did I mention this lovely lady is locked as well...

"History IV: Faith"
Newspaper and Charcoal

"Street Love"
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 30x40

Johnnie Bess
Now This man is the real deal! It doesn't hurt that we share a birthday, but for real the man is stellar at his craft. I love the way he juxtaposes his detail figure pieces with surrealist feeling backgrounds. He his also a Howard educated artist with a few awards to tout as well. The man's got skills and he is also a locked cat!

Mixed media/ acrylic

Still lands

Shaun Ward
I actually don't know too much about this artist but his brand of comic styling are amazing. Being that my current collaborative works are creating a graphic novel I myself have gained a new sense of respect for the art form but also I have gained much more knowledge on what it takes to create such painstakingly detailed works of art. My hat goes off to him and the piece I'm featuring I adore ( well all of the featured works I adore) but one day when I'm a millionaire I'm going to commission this man to do this piece in my daughters wall...No jokes, I love it that much... Check it out

Love thy self
digital print (I could be wrong)

Parallel & Losix

Brianna Mccarthy
Another artiste I'm feeling is Brianna McCarthy... Her work is so beautiful and makes me think of words like, pretty, whimsical, dainty, melancholy, modern, lady like, and demure. She works a lot within the African American female aesthetic and definitely plus and she has this very characteristic look of her pieces. another signature element is the hair. Her pieces with flows tresses of all textures and type look to stay consistently natural and make it and absolute joy to view her work. Her pieces are wonderful iconography of modern black women and as a black woman who will one day have a Black daughter, works like this are the type of thing I want to have her look at and feel confident about herself. The works are simply stunning and did I mention she too is a natural!



Jasika Nicole
Now, iF your looking for definitive renaissance women... Well look no more cause Jasika defines just that. Begin and accomplished actress by day and artist by night. Lol, I was first introduced to her work by a friend how know I would love her work and said her work "reminds her of me cause they "look like me(?)"" That might be too far but I love her work. I thin it's hip and fun, cute and intricate. She really has a knack for young naturals and a lot of her works are just that. I wish the sketches were in color darn it... But we can't get it all and there beautiful as is anyway!


NAd that's it.. for now I knwo I will have mush more in a few days but for nwow I'm pooped and ready for my Birthdya tomorrow! woooo!


  1. Thank You, Chloe! And you don't have to be a millionaire to commission me, lol. Happy Early Birthday!

  2. love the art work, thanks for sharing...(btw, thanks for the follow on my blog appreciated...)

  3. lol thatnk you for all yur kind birhtday wishes!! it helped make a great day!

  4. I'm just seeing this! Happy belated and thank you for the mention!