Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Caster all gussied up...And shot outs to slave masters?!?!?

So I'm glad to see that the world can see what a lovely young lady Ms. Castor is...but for what. So the western world can see her and think she's pretty. So men can see her and lust, so she can get endorsements because she sooo pretty to be an athlete. It's really some bull shit! It really goes to show how these things end up doing down. Of course the western world...AKA whites are intimidated by her athletic prowess and have to tear her down to prove a point. And it speaks volumes on women's atheltics. Do you really think it would be sooo easy to go all the way to the international level of sports without someone else doubting her. I think its offensive and disgusting to think that they had to test her gender. Just cause she doesn't have blue eyes, long blond hair and a curvaceous body shes not a lady, furthermore a women. Our standards of beauty and femininity really need to be checked. Now don't get it twisted...She IS NOT the most feminine chick I've ever seen but I know plenty of girls with her body shape and if it weren't for some hair they'd look just like her. I cant imagine the humiliation her parents, friends and most importantly she felt when they asked for such and more so when it was performed. So she's not thick as Serena, stunning like Gabrielle Union or overtly feminine like Tyra Banks but damn. She's a lady! Get over it! Haters! This goes to a long line for western culture trying to slight our people in and offed attempted to assert their concept of Beauty was the only one.I dont know about you but these are the same people who said a women that looked like me was not pretty. Would never be the first wife and titled my hair DREADlocks...Don't be fooled!

And in other gripes...WTF is up with the ignorance and violence of 2009...I may be post-segregationist America but I feel like were still in race wars. Alot of times against our damn selves. Shame!. Black seems to find themselves the bane of the news all the time nowadays! Whats really good. This year started with Chris brown and Rihanna... Mr. Gates...all the racist the threats at our Dear President...YouTube overload of Black women hate...Modeling companies saying they can't find pretty Black girls to fill the black girl market that s booming(due to the beautiful Obama daughters)Mistah Fab...Yung burg...Bow Wow...Omarion...Drake..(who all said something bad to say about black women...Now Solja Boy (Who said " "Shout out to the slave masters! With out them we would still be in Africa. We wouldn't be here to get these ice and tattoos.")


  1. Love this post, definitely in agreement.

  2. Also - I don't know whether this is true but I found this article and wondered what you thought about it (assuming it was true) : http://www.thegrio.com/2009/09/south-african-track-star-is-a-hermaphrodite-report-says.php