Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tis' the season to read and workout.. maybe invest in a pole???

Iight... So I'm like this close (index finger and thumb a hairs width apart lol) to finishing Fledgling By Ms. Octavia Butler y'all... and can I say the woman is just a literary genius! This is my third Octavia B. book and it practically has me twitching in my sleep and waking up in cold sweats when I'm not reading her... LOL, Her ideas are so interesting and I wish she hadn't passed to I could expect and new book to be released...Goodness, I'm so selfish... Let the women, the legend, RIP! OCTAVIA YOU ARE GREATLY MISSED!

On another subject...WORKIN' OUT, I wanted to post some inspirational and easy moves to do cause I know the holidays got everyone in a weight (and quite frankly a life)rut! I think I've gained 10lbs with all the staying in the house, cooking and "holiday feasts"! My holiday season has been terrible.. YES, I said it terrible. Ain't nothing good come out the season yet, except for it being nearly over! I personally think all the materialism is making me sick and everywhere I turn I see someone I know stuck in some drama... But I won't burden y'all with this crap. In times like these workouts are one of the only things that hold me over and help ebb the stress from taking over!!! So here's some moves I'm currently loving and are helping me get my spirits in hyperdrive: the hundred and the Russian twist and a lil June Ambrose!

June Ambrose's leg workouts with heels!!! looooove this!

This is just funny. But its also kind tight..IS there a competition for everything???

BTW my loc-aversery is on a few weeks!! Yay!!!

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  1. I know, I need to get my butt to the gym. I did some yoga today, but it was pathetic... I heard that pole dancing is great to tone up the muscles! hummm... As for stilettoe exercise... that's just so corny.