Monday, March 23, 2009

Back for the first time?!?

OK, so I had to make a new one of these because my old one ( was is acting up! So for all of you readers...if I had any, this is now the place to find me! As if you were looking! LOL... Anywho I'm officially A three month old in the BRAIDLOCk world!!! Yay me! It's been along time coming, or at least that's how it felt, but now I'm coming up on big strides. For all of you that are unaware, I'm a braidlock DIY-er and I'm proud to say that all the work done with my hair is all done by me! Thanks in great part to YouTube and all that videos you lovely ladies have made, thus making it possible for me to learn and maintain my own hair. I must say this is a first, so it can be difficult; yet I can also attest that it is sooooo liberating to be able to know that all the work done on your head is directly correlated to you. For me its a large task but getting it done every 6 weeks make it a little easier to conceptualize. Any ladies thinking of making the plunge on your own... I say do it and if your familiar with your hair (which a lot of us naturals are) do it! it's the smartest investment you can make. especially now!

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