Monday, March 23, 2009

My hair is worth what!!1

All you transitioners and those thinking about this post!
I just wrote a post and concluded with a rhetorical question about the cost you save with your braidlocks, sisterlocks, traditional locks and what have you . Me personally, I realized it was so ironic to me that I had gone 100% natural to cut an expense yet I ended up supplementing one set of expenses (perm) for another(press) and another (natural)(I became a product junkie). Luckily I've been on the straight and narrow for my braidlocs!
Interestingly, when I was about 13, my local church pastor...this is back when I lived in the Seattle area...said, "If black women bypassed hair and nails and saved the money for their children when they turn 18, they'd pay off massive bills, or get them a car, or pay for college!" Very true, though after church I told him that if his wife didn't put in the money and effort to stay her coiffed self, that day they first met he could have walked right by her!
This fiscal situation especially hits home not during this time of recession I think we as a people (especially black woman as they continually target us as the highest consumer bracket within hair care)need to assess what we spend our money on. As the highest rates of unemployment are inching higher toward black people.This is also interesting to see, if at all, are we saving any money on our hair. Hence. I started thinking to my self(scarrrry, lol) and really came up with the semblance of an answer to that question (so much for rhetorical, i guess).
If you do this survey please be 100% honest; then again its YOUR finances...

How much does your hair cost you per year...

How often do you get your hair done?
~At most 3x a year for my annual salon pamper ME day

How much does it typically cost
~100/ visit with a perm; with trim $120; with tracks (tracks not included) $250; tracks ($140) per yer its (at most with tracks, trim and hair buying $1230)
~$60/ visit with a press (per year its~$180)
~$125/ visit with my braidlocks (per year its $375)

How often do you buy washing products (i.e. shampoo and conditioner) for your hair
~every 4 months I get new conditioner and shampoo

How much does that cost?
~roughly $5; thus in a year is $20 plus

How much do you do your own hair
~Every month and a half

How much do you pay for those tools
~Latchook: $1.79 (bought 3 so $5.37)
~Pressing comb $79
~Flat iron $108
~curling iron $50

How often do you buy styling products (non acessories)
~every 2 months a few things oils. gels, moisturizers ect...

How much do the products cost
~Gel($4) per year $24
~Oils($8) per year $48
~Moisturzers($12) $72

How much do styling products (acessories) cost and how ofter do you buy them
~headbands $9 therefore per yer (if purchased 3 times a year) $27
~scrunies $5 per year (if purchased 2 times a year) $10
~bobbie pins $3 per year (if purchased twice a year $6)
~scarves $10 per year (if purchased three times a year $30)
~tams $2 per year (if purchased 3 or 4 can be $6 or$8)
~hats $ 20-30 contingent on style and hat
~clips $3-10 if bobby pins can be $9 or fancier clips $30-40

With braidlocks it looks as though I've taken down a load of costs!
I spend on latchooks, most all the acessories, and shampoo! I reaaaaaalllly love my braidlocks

If you can think of other fees add them and see what you think? how much are you paying


  1. Girl, braidlocks have saved me a ton of money too. Yay!! Welcome to the braidlock family!

  2. LOL.You guys over there spend WAY MORE than we do down here.And thanks to DIYing, I haven't gone to the salon in over a year. I'm glad to see another braidlocker!!