Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Feeling that black beauty!

I'm back ladies!!! And if there's gentleman you too!!! I'm trying to get my "Brunsli" on A.K.A I'm trying to be an avid Blogger! There's so many thing I want to journal, especially with my locks begin. Which reminds me I must include some pictures of me. Oh wait, I mean get a camera! Lol I use the computers at school like I don't have one right here. MAC's are magical though. Mind you I'm three months in the game so these should be pretty extensive. There's been so much progress within my hair! I never cease to be amazed at what my nappy hair can do! So many, too many cultures seem to be sub-consciously addicted to the euro-centric standard! But I've always adored every elements of my own culture. I remember being a little girl living in Bellevue, WA a suburb of Seattle and seeing this beautiful young black woman she had the best Afro I'd ever seen, which in general was kind of a rarity outside of my house and church. I remember randomly walking up to her and asking her how she got her hair that way...she giggled and said she washed it and told me my hair could do it too. I was so enamored from that day on! I love our hair and I wish we all did too. Anywho here's the pictures...Wow, that's a tangent!

These are regular phone (not even computer phone) pix . Sorry for the crappy resolution. Sorry, shoulda put them against paper.! Will do next time... the day they were done... at my house in DC; the day they were completed, Dec 21st

They're at their cute runty stage! I kinda liked this; I reaaaallllly missed my Afro volume though! Here I am visiting home...LA, at my sister's house; probably a week and a half after I did my hair initially. Excuse the boobage my sister is like 3sizes small then me but I'm in her "magical Lycra dress" ...as she calls it.

Here's pix from the inauguration. The best part of going to Howard University on the dawning of the first BLACK PRESIDENT is that you get the opportunity to experience alot of the hoopla first hand...and first hand we did. These are some more sorry depictions of the awesomeness that was the Inaugural Concert. Me and my girl Nikki had a blast. ( She's my other natural in our house, I keep trying to convince her to get her lock on....she's apprehensive, rightfully so!) This is us and the people, the people, the people. plus a little Washington Mt. the city was electric that weekend. we my sister and my boyfriend had a blast eating out. It was so crowded people sat with new random people at tables just to eat. needless to say only Barack could do that. i also met Blair Underwood in a random occurrence. all this culminated up to the Inauguration of our 44Th president Barack Obama. I'm just truly blessed to be able to experience it. I also attended the inaugural celebration...that experience is another blog entire in itself. I'll give you all the good, the bad, and the certainly ugly of that event. LOL
Here's some videos of my last couple months. i love the freedom of my Braidlocks and honestly, I'm proud when people ask if there Sisterlocks. i smile and say, " no. actually their Braidlocks..." and go into my whole educational spiel!


  1. Wow, I can only imagine what it was like to actually be there! I'm still amazed as I watched the news conference on tonight that we have a black president. Never in my wildest dreams think that could ever happen in my lifetime.

  2. Oh heck, I forgot to tell you your locs look so cute on you and congrats on making 3 months!