Sunday, March 29, 2009

got me a model...

Hardly...but it's probably the first and only time I'll ever hear that! LOL...NEwho I just thought I'd add soome more pictires for my progress! It never ceases to amaze me how much time flies. Here's everything else not included in the first video! Enjoy y'all!

In other news....I wanted to add some work from one of my new favorite artist! I went to a panel discussion at school (Howard University) on the modern art world...It was very interesting and as a budding Art Historian it was enlightening to see the different avenues that art is going and what that means for the industry. That made me want to highlight more works and give my favorite artists a little more exposure.

Are any of you all art patrons and I mean real art patrons...not just a little Wak piece here and there but do you really support the arts. With that I mean do you outfit you house with expresssive pieces that speak to you. Do you get them from a dealer or a local gallery or flee market, from artists or just pick them up in your neighborhood? This goes out especially with regards to African American art. Our aesthetic is slowly dwindling due to the attittudes we as a people have toward expressing our cultural selves too overtly. Are there any artist reading if so I would love to hear what yall have to say about it...How do you feel about the art world and what, if any, ideas do you think need to be done to see a shift in black attitudes toward art?

Treasure map By Susan Shie

Extrenal Scream- Droste Effect by Josh Sommers

Push and Penetration By Laura Bink

Anunciation by Larua Brink

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