Friday, June 19, 2009

Golf and health,,,,How are they corrolated exactly?

Interesting pic... This may be me I know that sound crazy but the tag said Seattle and it resembles my hair and frame from those days but we may never know

Little Black golfers from waaaay back in the day. This is so me my sister and brother, especially cause the boys the youngest!

This is Mariah Stackhouse...You'll be reading about her a lot one day she is the #29 junior golfer

Hey y'all I just came back from a bike ride and am watching the US open. I absolutely love golf, ever since Tiger stepped on the scene. I remember back in the Seattle days when it cost $ 10 for a 2 month golf camp. Due to some Microsoft big wig's donation to the course and my moms keen eye in the penny saver, me, my brother and sister all got to learn. Everyone in the neighborhood got in on the act....and a lot of new siblings also cropped up, interestingly. I got the opportunity to learn the game, hit balls at the driving range and play on a course....For 10 whole dollars!!! This is where my love for the game what manifest. Sports have come and gone with me: track, soft ball, cheerleading, volleyball, gymnastics, dance the works...but my love for golf have maintained. Since then I've become something like an addict, when I get some free time I love to stop at local course and hit a few balls at the driving range. Its a great way to be in nature breathing fresh air, learn a new activity, relax and (for you professionistas) maybe get in good with the big boss or some hard to win over clients...Needless to say, golf is no longer your white friends fathers game! lol (j/k my dad and grandfathers all play) but I am starting to notice and unnerving trend. As I see more Black boys out heading to the driving range I notice a void of little Black girls in the game. While it isn't necessarily the first sport that comes to a sistas mind when signing up for summer programs; it is a good one. Its a game that helps girls connect with nature by exposing them to pure fresh air, its great exercise with all the walking, and its a great way to find an activity that will stick with her for the rest of her life as it is not too physical, yet helps gain strategy and self esteem. But, that's not the only thing that got me to write this post.....

As I was watching the open, I was channel surfing through the commercials and caught a snippet of some programing talking about the health of Black women... A sore subject as we always land in the top of bad health and nutrition. Now, being the Black supremacist (lol) that I am, it hurts me to hear that Black women are in the bottom ranks. Especially considering I would call myself an average Black woman, and I'm concerned for my health and nutrition, stays relatively active, etc. So why do they say such things? Because statistically I am an outlier. A lot of us are. Unfortunately I am not in the majority and as we all know from looking at our friends and family, co- workers and peers (and Americans in general of any race) we do have to work on our health!! Being black I have a vested interest in us thus, I want Black women as a whole to succeed, and that means taking the necessary steps to ensure ourselves and those around us are live healthy lives. So I, Chloe Bee, am asking you all to help build a better Black community by saving ourselves Black women, a huge ( if not the most important) pillar of our community and the only one that is going to help us, and our families actively change the way our community is run! I'm going to give quick easy recipes and a few exercise ideas every post...Not all of them will be in the gym just cause we all know its annoying! So bear with me sisters to see a change in our world...The way the Obama's would like to see it!

She's just cute!!!

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