Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello beautiful black people!

I wanted to ask a question and see what you my followers had to say about it.

What kind of man do you attract? Has it changed? Is it the same? Are you married single divorced? How haw your hair journey affected your love life, if at all....

I know me personally I can't speak as well on behalf of this because I went natural at age 13. However, I can say that during my press days I wasn't so much less confident but certainly more cautious of what i did and the limitation on my life led me to have issue with men. As, a cheerleader it was hard for me and my then boyfriend to have intimate encounters (non sexual of course, I was a virgin) but Even simple caressing lead to fear of head touching. the ultimate no no. One particular incident that will forever stick in my mind is one night at a club. It was my freshman year of college and I was back for the summer hanging with my girls in an ultra packed club. I had just gotten my hair pressed earlier that weeks so I knew I was poppin. I was just dancing and chatting and minding my own business when my crush at the time, Calvin H.(Mr. resident everything at Howard; good looking super intelligent, funny and available!!!)who was also from California, walked in. I ran to the bathroom to Gussie my self up only to look in the mirror grief stricken at the unsightly mess upon my head. I was so upset I started hyperventilating and crying.... Yes, crying in the club bathroom on the floor. I stormed out the club as Calvin tried to get my attention. Oh the horror. To add insult to injury, later that night I went to the car, got my flat iron out and began pressing my hair in the ihop bathroom. Not only was it awkward, but the smell was horrendous. After Thai My hair began to break and I started looking for an alternative ASAP! It began with a weave and then liberating myself. It's funny, I stopped crushing on him the next year and he got a girlfriend. A beautiful, chocolate girl, with a TWA!!!!! Yes, had I not been so ignorant I may have learned that he like women the way they are!!! But You live and you learn.

But back onto the men that I attract due to my natural hair. I must say that I've never had an issue since those high school days with a man and my hair... I actually see my permie friends have more issues. Now IDK if its cause I live in DC, IDK if its cause I'm more confident, IDK if its cause I'm in better physical shape but I do know that I'm happily in a relationship with the literal man of my dreams...Who is natural himself, ha a natural family and wants one went we get married. SO, for me natural is a way of life!!!

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  1. Hi Chloe, What are "braid locs"? I visited my cousin in Seattle this year and last year - I like the weather.