Thursday, August 27, 2009

So I found this wonderful article from the NY times...

So I just caught a wonderful article even natural lady should read talking about the complexities of being natural. IT was cool to see the opinions and outlooks on so many different sisters! I can't wait to read prof. Banks' book and I hope you all do too!!!
Check it out at:
and do the interactive hair link too! its very cool to hear and see other women's opinions about their hair!
That is at:

And speaking on the subject of hair... I've got slight updates on my own!!! I just finished a retighten a few days ago and boy can I say It was not a moment too soon. I had a bout and inch and a half new growth and it felt like forever to finish... but having brought some locks together doesn't hurt. It defiantly helps the progression of the project. I love my locks and I now this is weird but I literally feel bad for those who don't have locks in their life. I think its the mixture of self-loathing that comes with altering ones hair and the simplicity of my mornings while doing my hair. I just love locks so much I think their beautiful but i guess I'd rather everyone didn't have them cause then they'd become some sort of fad like the Afro. OH NO SHE Didn't...its true it might just... Newho I'm gonna leave y'all with this wonderful vid I made. Mind you I only highlighted a section of my hair after I thought to show my hair stylings. I love my hair and am blessed to have been enlightened eough to make the descon to switch it up!

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