Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family, paprika and royal purple lips, gray haired bomshells and Cheap couture!


So I'm completely enamored with red lipstick... Better yet, Paprika lips. I love that redish, orangish thing that's popping up. Even my boyfriend likes it, and let's just put it like this...The man absolutely hates when I wear lipsticks cause he doesn't want to be wearing it I'm using MAC's brick lip liner and Russian red lipstick. Now, I know what your thinking...That's not orangish red. but against my skin color its got this stunning orangish red color. I'm loving it! I'll feature some pictures for y'all! Some nay-sayers beg to differ saying red is strictly for the whites only. Now, that's where their wrong. Sistas can do anything a white girl can do but we've got to be mindful of the intensity in our colours. And if your not worried about that like me; Rock it! Chances are you'll be pleasantly surprised! I made a movie so It could be view a lil better!!!

Purple lips is also something I want to try bad. I have a feeling I'll love it and have it become a staple. Because It won't contrast against my skin the same as these white girls I think it'll be a nice shade. But I'll have to try and show you all the finished result.

Another thing I'm just loving right now is gray hair. I have notice a few here and there amongst my locks. But I have realized that I'm not going to suppress them. I'm going to rock them like a true gray haired diva would. I've always have a secret affinity for gray hair. Something about that shade on natural black women pops and really give off a sophisticated sex appeal that only someone who has truly lived can confidently sport. We'll see how they progress in later years! Renee Davis is one women how has shown the world how stunning Gray can be. Ms. Olivia Shaw is another gray haired beauty and a sisterlocker. I adore her hair and hopefully this will be me one of these days! And, of course, Ms. Nancy words are needed. She's my idol!!!

Now as for clothing, and I'm loving the silhouettes and styles right now. My style is a lil' Michelle Obama meets Dita Von Teese meets Erykah Badu... For a style I call afro-ecentric-chic. Things I'm currently feeling: I must say I have a little bit of a wish list of what I'm loving right now!! Dresses Skirts and flats are very hip to me!!

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  1. When I go gray I want my hair to look like the lovely lady in picture 2...Fabulous!