Friday, September 4, 2009

The good news and the bad news!

The good news is WHITNEY"S BACK!! With vengeance! I love this song so much. I remember when debut it...I must have played it like a thousand times! But they were ripping it apart talking about "it sounds like a bad disco song." However, I beg to differ there isn't such a thing as bad disco...Haters! Alicia "Smut" Keyes wrote this song... (Sorry Alicia fans but any women that sings about family and togetherness shouldn't be sucha home-wrecker herself!) NEWHO here's the song...So cute!!

And Bobbi Kristina may have just inherited her uber talented parents genes after all!!

In closing I feel Whitney did the damn thang and took us to church a lil' bit! I love whit! I hope her CD does phenomenal!

Now for the bad news...I was watching this video and felt a painful tinge of truth...What we as a people need to do and start instilling in our children is to reverse these disgusting trends and teaching ourselves to recognize the truth!

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  1. That said, I thoroughly enjoy all your braidlocks-related posts and really like your hair a lot (I have Sisterlocks).