Friday, October 9, 2009

Marge and sista???????

So 1. how disgusting is Playboy for sexualizing a beloved cartoon charter... But my real question is 2. Is Marge supposed to be a sista??? Check it for your self!

This woman below is the First playmate (Ms. Darine Stern 1971) to be featured on the cover... I have to say though the spread was probably raunchy I must say I adore this cover its beautiful. tasteful and the fro is knockin!!!


  1. I have often wondered this too...I always thought so though.
    And Ms. Stern is too fly.

  2. I thikn to have a cartoon on the cover, there must be some really creepy stuff going on over there...

  3. I think she's a natural sister. I always thought so! greeat blog! I first discovered you on youtube earlier this yr as I started my braidlocks in january 2009.....(cant believe it'll be a yr soon) and reaallly felt your vibe!!

    anywho! come check out my blog.