Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A few videos from yours truly!!!

Please Ignore the little horn I have in the front... It was ripped out and look absolutely atrocious! But, having just started my locks and knows how weak my edges were something to this extent was expected but all the at risk locks are doing well, growing thriving and better then ever!

Just my quick (or not) feeling on the Oprah episode on the "good Hair" documentary! Check it and tell me your feelings on the episode if you caught it! Have a good rest of the day cause you're worth it!


  1. hehe you are funny. we talked about why his film didn't feature anything on natural hair like talking bout it. chris said there was more stuff in there but they cut it to make the film more interesting. i liked the mom who cut her hair.

  2. Basically an expected response from Oprah.