Sunday, September 13, 2009


So...I'm totally threw with the artificial life. What!?!? She's already natural so what could her loony self be talking about?!?! I'm talking about the nails and body portion of my temple. I'm done getting my nails done, I'm weening myself off of the crap I put in my body, I'm relegating my hair regimen consist of about four products at most and no more perfumes, commercial body washes and products and revamping my life.
For those that don't know, which should be all of you, I've been dealing with a lot of change and I feel that should also include the way I'm living my life. Now, I'm a pretty health conscious person but after reading my girl Rawshida's ( ) blog (which is such an excellent source of information on truly healthy lifestyles, and I really wanted to redefine how I eat and how these food affect my mind, body and soul. I'm blessed to have raw foodies in my corner, my boyfriend's whole family sans him are raw foodies, and they really help my decsion. TB's mom hasn't eaten meat in some 30+ years. She looks great, you can tell her body is in tip top shape and she is so energetic and is simply stunning. One of those types of women that you cant real tell how old she is because she looks great. I wanna be like that and that means I have to have a level of discipline that I've yet to master. I really think this change is for the best because I can't live my life in excess forever. One day I will raise a child and I want them to want for nothing but have values that mean they are wasteful brats. Ya dig. IDK I just feel that its time for me to do some pairing down for the sake of my wallet and my general life. I hope you all can follow me cause i will keep all the progress on this blog... Now see I don't want to completely lose like a person but I would like to lose some of my belly fat! Possibly gain some ab-age...You know. I feel I'm not asking too much if I have discipline. Now, I already LOVE the gym but I'm not exactly partial to ab work but I feel at 23 I should be in the best shape of my life and I want to know one: when I have kids it wont be torture because those core muscles are tight and will remain that way well after children. But, I also want to lose this belly fat because it is something I've always struggled with. I remember being a kid with a wish list that include a great stomach! I feel I'll never be "perfect" but ain't nothing wrong with getting close. It doesn't hurt I'll look great on the beach...One of my favorite places. So follow me while I get rid of my life of excess. Weight, lifestyle and other crap!

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  1. yes! Vegan/vegetarian will do wonders for your hair, skin, nails! I'm a vegetarian and have been for the past 3 years and i LOVE it! Enjoy! :-)