Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thank you subcribers! and a wonderful youtuber!

Hey Hey Hey all! I wanted to start off by thanking all my new followers! In the last few months I've gotten a surge of new subscribers which is sooo cool! Thank you and I always try to make sure I subscribe to you...If I can, that is! So Thank you, for a third time and I really hope you enjoy my posts. I always have something to say so check the updates cause I try to be as avid as possible. Oh and COMMENT! I love feed back...good and bad just to know where I'm at and what you think of what I'm saying. NEWHO....I wanted to stop in and upload theis great youtuber I found...Which reminds me I'm Chloe3086 channel so check me out too! But I love her...she has wonderful insight and speaks so candidly! Loves it! Here's a post of hers that really touched me! Check it out! Muah!

Check her page at: http://www.youtube.com/user/shanelcooper#play/all/uploads-all/2/Jq3PcbUS6Rk

This is the message I first heard of hers that made me fall in love with her message! I can't wait to read her book!!!

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