Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beautiful Black Iconography!

Hey Hey Ladies and Gents!!!
Can I just first start off my saying thank you Lord for Trey Songs parents! (Huh??? You say!) Well for those of you who have not heard Trey Songz Ready CD, you are seriously missing a vocal treat. The new millennium has really been devoid of a lot of powerful male R & B vocals. Now, some of the songs are a little inappropriate but the boy's voice is so spine tingling good at I look past my usual stipulations!!!! I definitely recommend checking it out on Youtube... My mom is even a Trey fan...She thinks he take her back to her day and R Kelly pre-scandal(s)...
Also while on there check out Shanel Cooper Sikes ShanelCooper (awesome connoisseur in the study of life-coaching I adore her)and ME Chloe3086 channels!

Now for the Art....

So I've had a bit of an hiatus...mainly due to getting back into the full swing of the school year has taking a slight toll. So is not having a lap (but that's another subject ennn-tirely.) But, I'm back and wanted to feature 3 artist I'm currently loving!

This is a throwback but Margaret Burroughs. I've always had a love for woodcuts and scratch board, the striking contrast is so beautiful and poignantly illustrates pieces, especially hers which speak Black female perspective which at times deals heavily with contrast. I love her work. Makes me wanna do some scratch board work...

Margaret Burroughs
Black Venus
Woodcut 1957

I adore his work...His pictures are so striking yet have a sense of entertainment. It doesn't hurt that he has worked with literally everyone. His work is beautiful!

Derek Blanks
Everybody (literally)
Check his site!

This next artist I adore! Michelle Constantine"s works are so interesting...This piece I will feature has to be one of my favorites. Last semester I did one of my favorite papers of my collegiate career on Voodoo, Santeria and Obeah culture and the art of the practices. Very interesting quilts and such interesting perplexing concepts. I think she has such and interesting aesthetic.. of course Check her out!!!

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