Monday, December 21, 2009

Do you know what today is...It my (1 year) anniversary!

Ok, so I have a flood of emotion I didn't think I'd have on today, my locks one year anniversary. For starters, I am in dismay. I can't believe that I've come this far (though i knew once I locs I wouldn't stop), that my hair looks this good, that my hair is in locs...If you told 18 year old Chloe that 23 year old Chloe would have locs, I don't know if I would believe you, but with patience and pride I am upon this date that marks my one year. My boyfriend thinks I'm soo weird for having an anniversary date and knowing it's my hairs birthday... I'm sure if I grew up in a household with multiple locers, this was my second set and had a super conscious mother; who does locs in LA (she’s so good) I'd have a nonchalant attitude too. But I don't and this is a BIG DEAL. I can tell I am definitely representing and slowly converting my mom and sister. But for him (he is loced as well) this process is soo much more then just aesthetic. So, much more then just skin/ hair deep.
This journey for me, and I think consciously, or subconsciously for Black women as a whole who partake in natural and loced hair, is a huge step toward a better us. Which permeates, not only to the physical realm but also on a deeper personal level. We, have been broken down for so long with respect to your looks, well better yet, broken down JUST because of our looks. Which, unfortunately, some of our sistas have taken these ignorant heeding to heart and altered their natural beauty to assimilate to their standards But, not me, At 5' 7" and a half (lol). damn near 6' in the right heels, milk chocolate brown, regal NAPPY locs, and a look only Africa could be the architect of I know when I walk in a room your not only in awe but intimidated cause I am the hottest worst nightmare you’ve ever imagined. Confident, educated, driven! I think that's what locs do...
Locs are that sexy girl in the club mirror putting on her lip gloss, that every girl is glancing at, some who knows they are fascinated and may want some, just come up and touch, ask questions and I oblige.. But cause while it can go from normal to petting zoo I hold my own cause I know me and my locs are a beacon for the Black beauty they too can behold if they just look inside themselves for standards. My locs have also help with some superficial aspects too. I know my butt and arms, and slowly but surely, my stomach wouldn't look this great without the work outs my worry free hair affords me. And all the hiking, swimming and biking I get to do would be nothing but a distant memory if I didn't have locs. I love being free, I love me, I love the loced community, especially sistas (cause though there is much to endure there is also so much to learn and love that we know we are blessed to be ourselves.)

I 'm glad I've chosen to live in a world of my own standards and my own making.
I'm glad I wake up and go, if I want to.
I'm glad I've got an enlighten brotha on my arm that loves the way I look and got all sisters and even a little brother that look the same way.
I'm glad I see more men and women like me everyday.. Makes me think of how great the world would be if everyone had locs.
I'm glad I can curl. dye, crinkle, flip, put up and wear down my hair without the added stress of a perm... Better yet, I'm glad I don't have to fear my new growth or the rain.
I’m glad I can have butt length hair with out begging, buy borrowing if from anywhere other then my genes!
I'm glad I'm 100% me, I'm real like the club song says...IF you got real hair(check), real nails(check), you gotta job(check) go to school( check) and take care of buiness make some noise....LOL
I'm glad I have locs!

(This is the earliest pictures I have of my locks!!! My babies are sure doign their own thing!)

Also...All y subbie I LOVE YOU!. Thank you for subscribing to my page and showing me love. It truely mean alot cause I really do use my blog as an e-journal of sorts! So Thank you for the love and in 2010 I will be much more involved and probably have an iphone to really give y'all my thoughts! lol! Love ya and have a good one! MUCH LOVE!


  1. Congrats again Sis and wonderful post!

  2. Beautiful picture! its been a great year.....Congrats

  3. Happy one year anniversary to you!

  4. sweet words ! thanx soo much ..come follow me , i'll do the same! peace and luv !

  5. You have some gorgeous braidlocs and they have matured beautifully.