Sunday, December 27, 2009

So it's almost 2010 right...

In just a few days 2010 will be amongst us. Regardless if your ready or not. I feel like this is going to be the start of something EPIC! I know I have never had more reason, more inspiration, more drive, more to prove. I have a feeling this year is going to be a great one. It's funny, cause when I was little (think circa 95' I was like nine) the year 2010 seemed like the distant future. Even today, I feel as though this is the cusp of the future. This is a new day and I want an improved me, never new. I'm excited for everything this year has in store AND all that its doesn't. I'm in my 23rd year of life and I've never felt so alive. God has almost sprinkled some sage and seasoning salt on my life and caused me to feel this is the year to get my life on the best track possible. One thing I recall loving to do after Christmas was mentally drafting up what I though was going to happen in the coming months.I really want to express the things I want to accomplish and would love to see the things you want to achieve this year.Well here's my top 15 things in no particular order!!!

Chloe's 2010 Goal's (for a better, happier, healthier, more rounded me!

1. Finish up the school (Yippe!!!!)
- keep my GPA up
2. Get my career in order
-art administration/ gallery sales/ art consultations/ art dealer
- expand my jewelry biz
3. Narrow down my law school search.
4. Start my financial plan ( extending my banking plan to include a few specified accounts to help better allocate funds)
5. Eat better (self explanitory)
- cook four times a week
- left over 2/3 days
- eat out (at most) once
- multi-vitamin (daily and hair vitamins)
- bring my own water bottle
6. Nurture my hair!!! (my hair is doing well but the sides could be better)
- every two month latching
7. Workout 3-4 days a week.
- stairs
- walking quotas
- biking
- best: abs; butt; arms of my life
8. Meditate
- breathing/ focus
- chi gong
9. Travel
- to anywhere; I just wanna see more places I've never been
10.Read Read Read!!!
- Stillettos in the Kitchen by Chanel Cooper Sykes
- anything Octavia Butler
11. Creativity abound
- blogging (more)
- scriptwriting (more)
- audio production (more)
- jewelry designs (more)
12. Entrepreneaurship
- my gallery shows
- jewelry web presents
13. Volunteering (more)
- soup kitchen
- shelters
- anything dealing with health and or homelessness
14. Possibly get in iphone???
- keep in-contact better
- more organization
15. Doing it big! Creating a better life then last year! Being amazing!!!


  1. you sound like me ..let's GET IT !!!
    LET"S DO IT !!! 2010 awaits us !!!!

    holla at me folowing you know lovely ...
    c'm follow me ! keep in touch in 2010 !

    you got flyyyy style and i love how you rock them paprika lips ....happy 2010 !!!

  2. I am on accord with everything, save for number 14 :)

    nice blog...