Sunday, December 19, 2010

Re-vamping thus page

I'm going to make this blog better then ever! Stay tuned.... And yes! I'm still alive!

Re-vamping thus page

I'm going to make this blog better then ever! Stay tuned.... And yes! I'm still alive!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sooooo SLACKING on my MACKING! lol

This is literally how I feel in class!!!

This is me being the weirdo I am proud to be!!!

So.. 2010 is upon us, and what a whirlwind it has been. Between getting back into school!! Yay!!!! Looking for a job, amping up to graduate, searching for internships and setting up some awesome gallery shows, directed by YOURS TRULY, I know 2010 has already commenced the start of a new me! And i have to mention I have been SUPER Blessed just within the start of this new year! So I'm not complaining. She is recharged, revamped, more organized and on her way to being a fiscal success!!! I have had a ball since I've been back in DC. My classes are great ad if feels like I've seen soo many people I hadn't seen and miss greatly. Also My living situation is cheap cheap cheap so that rocks!!! Also, my boyfriend and I are far away from each other but were gonna make it work. Him behind in LA and me in DC seems like I should be the catalyst for the end, but to tell the truth I actually feel were getting closer as friends and its helping bud our relationship in different ways. Absents really does make the heart grown fonder! But that's just me. I miss my family and am excited that I'm about to be finished with school! Actually, I'm counting down the nano-seconds left to get! thirst much??? But I just wanted to give y'all an update. I am living up to 90% of my 2010 to do list and I think I'm living up to it really well. Once a get my jewelry line up and running for real I feel like I'll be on the path to fiscal responsibility and entrepreneurship in a major way! I cant wait to feature my work on here!!1 Ne who I'm gonna sign out! have a blessed day y'all!

Oh.. AND my hair is growing! Hallalujah!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

So it's almost 2010 right...

In just a few days 2010 will be amongst us. Regardless if your ready or not. I feel like this is going to be the start of something EPIC! I know I have never had more reason, more inspiration, more drive, more to prove. I have a feeling this year is going to be a great one. It's funny, cause when I was little (think circa 95' I was like nine) the year 2010 seemed like the distant future. Even today, I feel as though this is the cusp of the future. This is a new day and I want an improved me, never new. I'm excited for everything this year has in store AND all that its doesn't. I'm in my 23rd year of life and I've never felt so alive. God has almost sprinkled some sage and seasoning salt on my life and caused me to feel this is the year to get my life on the best track possible. One thing I recall loving to do after Christmas was mentally drafting up what I though was going to happen in the coming months.I really want to express the things I want to accomplish and would love to see the things you want to achieve this year.Well here's my top 15 things in no particular order!!!

Chloe's 2010 Goal's (for a better, happier, healthier, more rounded me!

1. Finish up the school (Yippe!!!!)
- keep my GPA up
2. Get my career in order
-art administration/ gallery sales/ art consultations/ art dealer
- expand my jewelry biz
3. Narrow down my law school search.
4. Start my financial plan ( extending my banking plan to include a few specified accounts to help better allocate funds)
5. Eat better (self explanitory)
- cook four times a week
- left over 2/3 days
- eat out (at most) once
- multi-vitamin (daily and hair vitamins)
- bring my own water bottle
6. Nurture my hair!!! (my hair is doing well but the sides could be better)
- every two month latching
7. Workout 3-4 days a week.
- stairs
- walking quotas
- biking
- best: abs; butt; arms of my life
8. Meditate
- breathing/ focus
- chi gong
9. Travel
- to anywhere; I just wanna see more places I've never been
10.Read Read Read!!!
- Stillettos in the Kitchen by Chanel Cooper Sykes
- anything Octavia Butler
11. Creativity abound
- blogging (more)
- scriptwriting (more)
- audio production (more)
- jewelry designs (more)
12. Entrepreneaurship
- my gallery shows
- jewelry web presents
13. Volunteering (more)
- soup kitchen
- shelters
- anything dealing with health and or homelessness
14. Possibly get in iphone???
- keep in-contact better
- more organization
15. Doing it big! Creating a better life then last year! Being amazing!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Do you know what today is...It my (1 year) anniversary!

Ok, so I have a flood of emotion I didn't think I'd have on today, my locks one year anniversary. For starters, I am in dismay. I can't believe that I've come this far (though i knew once I locs I wouldn't stop), that my hair looks this good, that my hair is in locs...If you told 18 year old Chloe that 23 year old Chloe would have locs, I don't know if I would believe you, but with patience and pride I am upon this date that marks my one year. My boyfriend thinks I'm soo weird for having an anniversary date and knowing it's my hairs birthday... I'm sure if I grew up in a household with multiple locers, this was my second set and had a super conscious mother; who does locs in LA (she’s so good) I'd have a nonchalant attitude too. But I don't and this is a BIG DEAL. I can tell I am definitely representing and slowly converting my mom and sister. But for him (he is loced as well) this process is soo much more then just aesthetic. So, much more then just skin/ hair deep.
This journey for me, and I think consciously, or subconsciously for Black women as a whole who partake in natural and loced hair, is a huge step toward a better us. Which permeates, not only to the physical realm but also on a deeper personal level. We, have been broken down for so long with respect to your looks, well better yet, broken down JUST because of our looks. Which, unfortunately, some of our sistas have taken these ignorant heeding to heart and altered their natural beauty to assimilate to their standards But, not me, At 5' 7" and a half (lol). damn near 6' in the right heels, milk chocolate brown, regal NAPPY locs, and a look only Africa could be the architect of I know when I walk in a room your not only in awe but intimidated cause I am the hottest worst nightmare you’ve ever imagined. Confident, educated, driven! I think that's what locs do...
Locs are that sexy girl in the club mirror putting on her lip gloss, that every girl is glancing at, some who knows they are fascinated and may want some, just come up and touch, ask questions and I oblige.. But cause while it can go from normal to petting zoo I hold my own cause I know me and my locs are a beacon for the Black beauty they too can behold if they just look inside themselves for standards. My locs have also help with some superficial aspects too. I know my butt and arms, and slowly but surely, my stomach wouldn't look this great without the work outs my worry free hair affords me. And all the hiking, swimming and biking I get to do would be nothing but a distant memory if I didn't have locs. I love being free, I love me, I love the loced community, especially sistas (cause though there is much to endure there is also so much to learn and love that we know we are blessed to be ourselves.)

I 'm glad I've chosen to live in a world of my own standards and my own making.
I'm glad I wake up and go, if I want to.
I'm glad I've got an enlighten brotha on my arm that loves the way I look and got all sisters and even a little brother that look the same way.
I'm glad I see more men and women like me everyday.. Makes me think of how great the world would be if everyone had locs.
I'm glad I can curl. dye, crinkle, flip, put up and wear down my hair without the added stress of a perm... Better yet, I'm glad I don't have to fear my new growth or the rain.
I’m glad I can have butt length hair with out begging, buy borrowing if from anywhere other then my genes!
I'm glad I'm 100% me, I'm real like the club song says...IF you got real hair(check), real nails(check), you gotta job(check) go to school( check) and take care of buiness make some noise....LOL
I'm glad I have locs!

(This is the earliest pictures I have of my locks!!! My babies are sure doign their own thing!)

Also...All y subbie I LOVE YOU!. Thank you for subscribing to my page and showing me love. It truely mean alot cause I really do use my blog as an e-journal of sorts! So Thank you for the love and in 2010 I will be much more involved and probably have an iphone to really give y'all my thoughts! lol! Love ya and have a good one! MUCH LOVE!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tis' the season to read and workout.. maybe invest in a pole???

Iight... So I'm like this close (index finger and thumb a hairs width apart lol) to finishing Fledgling By Ms. Octavia Butler y'all... and can I say the woman is just a literary genius! This is my third Octavia B. book and it practically has me twitching in my sleep and waking up in cold sweats when I'm not reading her... LOL, Her ideas are so interesting and I wish she hadn't passed to I could expect and new book to be released...Goodness, I'm so selfish... Let the women, the legend, RIP! OCTAVIA YOU ARE GREATLY MISSED!

On another subject...WORKIN' OUT, I wanted to post some inspirational and easy moves to do cause I know the holidays got everyone in a weight (and quite frankly a life)rut! I think I've gained 10lbs with all the staying in the house, cooking and "holiday feasts"! My holiday season has been terrible.. YES, I said it terrible. Ain't nothing good come out the season yet, except for it being nearly over! I personally think all the materialism is making me sick and everywhere I turn I see someone I know stuck in some drama... But I won't burden y'all with this crap. In times like these workouts are one of the only things that hold me over and help ebb the stress from taking over!!! So here's some moves I'm currently loving and are helping me get my spirits in hyperdrive: the hundred and the Russian twist and a lil June Ambrose!

June Ambrose's leg workouts with heels!!! looooove this!

This is just funny. But its also kind tight..IS there a competition for everything???

BTW my loc-aversery is on a few weeks!! Yay!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Let's talk S-Heros and INSPIRATION

As most of you know, I'm an art enthusiast and love to feature some of my favorite artist from time to time... But, I thought I'd do something a little different and also highlight one of my art historical heroes (or rather SHEROS) for instance: Ms. Thelma Golden.

Ms. Golden, a queens native, attended Smith College. Having known what she wanted to do through internships and apprenticeships during high school and college with such prestigious institutions as Metropolitan Museum of Art, she graduated in 1987 and hit the ground running. That same year she did her first show... Since then, Ms. Golden has done curatorial work with nothign but the greats: Alison Saar, Glenn Ligon, Gary Simmons, Romare Bearden, Matthew McCaslin, Suzanne McClelland, Lorna Simpson, Jacob Lawrence and Leone & MacDonald. Currently she works at the Studio Museum in Harlem and in her influence alone has "strengthened the museum's presence in the local community and the global art world." During her almost 10 year tenure in Harlem she's worked on such showings including Isaac Julien: Vagabondia (2000), Martin Puryear: The Cane Project (2000); Glenn Ligon: Stranger (2001); Freestyle (2001); Black Romantic: The Figurative Impulse in Contemporary Art (2002); harlemworld: Metropolis as Metaphor (2004); Chris Ofili: Afro Muses (2005); Frequency (2005-06, with Christine Y. Kim); Africa Comics (2006-07); and Kori Newkirk: 1997-2007 (2007-08). In addition to her work in Harlem, she is also an active guest curator, writer, lecturer, juror, and adviser. In 2008 she was a member of the advisory team of the Whitney Biennial and in 2007 acted as a juror for the Turner Prize. Golden co-curated the traveling exhibition Glenn Ligon: Some Changes in 2005 and in 2004 curated a retrospective of fashion designer Patrick Kelly at the Brooklyn Museum. Celebrated for her insightful interviews with contemporary artists, Golden is a frequent contributor to books, catalogs, and magazines and regularly speaks at institutions around the world as well as teaching at various universities. Golden serves on the Graduate Committee at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, is on the boards of Creative Time in New York and the Institute of International Visual Arts (inIVA) in London, and is a Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute. In of words, Ms. Thelma Golden is the ISH!

Now as for inspiration two artist I'm totally OBSESSED with at the current time are: Hank Willis Thomas and Renee Cox!!!!

You can't help but go to a Hank Willis Thomas show ans come out thinking words like, evocative, edgy, thought provoking. All of which his works are. He utilizes popular culture icons and marketing ploys combine with race, and gender ideals, consistently with male subjects, to create these very poignant pieces on modern African American youth culture and consumerism. These piece I've chosen to highlight merely graze the surface of his capabilities and I recommend all of you check out his work ether just via Google: Hank Willis Thomas OR

Renee Cox. Need I say more the woman's works are sheer genius. Contrived candids can sometimes (most times) come out feeling very, well, contrived but not with hers. Cox give the viewer a voyeuristic approach to her pieces and make you feel as though you are really looking at a real character or moment. She uses race, class and gender struggle concepts to catapult her emotions through photography and is very unabashed about using her self, naked or clothed, as a subject; which I love because she knows best the emotion she wants of the piece. The pieces are very telling to the voice of black women in America and I personally can not wait until I am the proud owner of one... Which I will be!!!!

OH! and I gotta ask... Any OCTAVIA BUTLER FANS? I know, I know, I'm late getting on but as of now she is my obsession. I've read Wild Seed and Parable of the Sower and am in the process of reading Fledgling (sooo interesting, as of now) Please holler at me and tell me your favorite book and why you love her. If you've never heard of her Google her. She's an amazing science fiction writer and a sista (who lived in both southern California and Seattle (like myself)) Check her out... at your local library! hehehe! Much love!

Yay!!! For lock growth and side ponytails!!!